This website provides public access to empirical spectrum occupancy data obtained in extensive spectrum measurement campaigns performed by the Mobile Communication Research Group GRCM, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC, Barcelona, Spain. The spectrum measurements contained in this data base have been taken with a sophisticated radio spectrum monitoring platform (see link 1 below) and are regularly updated and extended with new field measurement data. The aim of this spectrum data base is to facilitate empirical statistics of spectrum use to the radio research community. The website provides a graphical interface that allows the user to easily compute spectrum use statistics for a wide variety of frequency bands, time periods and geographical locations. Data results can be downloaded in various formats for further analysis and offline post-processing. These data may be useful in the analysis and characterization of spectrum occupancy in real systems (see link 2 below). If you would like to get access to the data base, please contact the following e-mail address indicating your name, organization, department, position and a brief description of the study for which data would be used. We hope the spectrum data base will be useful to the research community.

Link 1: Description of Spectrum Measurement Platform.
Link 2: Spectrum Survey in Urban Environment: UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona , Spain .

DISCLAIMER: This web site has been developed with the aim of ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the provided data. The Mobile Communication Research Group (GRCM), however, cannot be held responsible, in any form, for the utilization that third parties could make of the available spectrum occupancy data, or the consequences resulting thereof. By using this website, the user implicitly accepts these conditions.